About Us

LAW PLUS (Attorneys-at-Law) is a dynamic legal consultancy firm in Ghana dedicated to the provision of legal services to our valued clients. The firm’s practice presently covers all the fields of law, with special emphasis on criminal law and practice, corporate & commercial practice, transaction advisory services, and property law.

Driven by diligence and a desire for excellence, the firm has attorneys with competency to deliver services in its various fields of practice. The accumulated experience of our lawyers equips Law Plus with the needed institutional pedigree in handling briefs on behalf of its clients and strenuously defending their interests. We offer solutions that provide added value to our clients’ interests.

At Law Plus, we subscribe to high personal and professional standards. The speed, volume of transactions and the complexity of legal issues raised by clients each day demand a high level of competence, sophistication, and professionalism. Our competence in the fields above mentioned positions us to effectively deliver quality advice and service requirements on behalf of our clients as we seek to protect their interests.