Dr Isidore Tufuor

Senior Lawyer


Dr. Isidore Tufuor is a fully bilingual lawyer who dexterously juggles Between English and French and overcomes the language barrier of the needs of the legal clientele of the cosmopolitan sub-region. He is socially immersed in the English and French systems with an in-depth appreciation of the operations of the various legal regimes that govern them. This quality distinguishes him from Ghana’s leading jurists. He represents the interests of foreign French-speaking clients in Ghana, in matters of general advice and legal assistance, including the provision of legal representation in litigation and other judicial and administrative proceedings. Dr. Tufuor was admitted to the practice of law at the Bar of Ghana as a lawyer and advocate at the Supreme Court of Ghana in 2010. He represents clients in commercial and corporate matters; labour and employment issues, criminal trials and investigations, particularly in the areas of financial crimes; claims of intellectual property rights; real estate litigation, and environmental justice issues. He has extensive experience in the practice of civil and criminal courts at all levels of court. He currently provides legal representation to leading clients in civil matters and to defendants in sensitive criminal prosecutions. It also provides representation before administrative and quasi-judicial bodies. The core of its activities in this category concerns the provision of legal assistance to parties (management or trade unions) in labour disputes before the Labour Board and in general negotiations.

Dr. Tufuor oversees the advisory department of Law Plus and has led the firm in several consulting assignments with local and international clients. He has been the lead consultant for major government business reform projects in Ghana. He has also assisted government agencies in the development of policies and legal documents to address matters of public interest in the areas of criminal law and practice. It also provides legal assistance and advisory activities to civil society organizations.