Nana Agyeman Abu Bonsra

Junior Partner


Nana Agyeman Abu-Bonsra is a productive, versatile, confident and passionate young lawyer. As a trial lawyer, Nana’s legal experience spans the areas of constitutional and administrative law, civil litigation, business practice, due diligence and compliance, and drafting and reviewing commercial contracts. In corporate practice, Nana has, in his brief business practice, providing legal advice in a variety of areas and to a wide range of clients, including multinationals, financial institutions, and global brands with little oversight. Since joining the team, Nana has also been involved in the Justice for All program and the legal representation and assistantship program where he obtained the acquittal of some convicted persons who until then did not have legal representation. Nana’s interests include aviation law and legal technology and innovation. Nana Agyeman is also a consultant for Dennislaw Ghana, an online legal portal, and one of the editors of Dennis Law weekly and monthly Nuggets and the Supreme Court Nuggets, 2019 (Legal Principles of the Supreme Court of Ghana for the Legal Year 2018-2019) a legal reference book published by Dennis Law in September 2020. When Nana is not on duty, he occasionally trains and prepares law students from his Alma Mata and other law schools for international and local competitions. Nana represented the Greenhill campus of the Ghana School of Law at the 54th Faculty of Law Moot Court Competition where the team he led placed second in the final. Currently, Nana is a junior partner of the firm and has been admitted to practice law in all courts of Ghana as a lawyer and prosecutor at the Supreme Court of Ghana.